Chasing Venus CD

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In their 3rd studio release “Chasing Venus” (2006), The New Relics explore a more open, live sound that they quickly became known for in their regional following.

Frontman Michael J. Arbogast’s smart lyrics and emotive voice are put to good use over a bed of rhythmic acoustic guitar, along with Josh Swiger’s thumping bass and Bryan Martin’s tasteful drumming. Jim Bidwell steals the show with his soulful electric guitar riffs, proving that a 4-piece band with minimal added tracks can create a full, lush sound that fills the space between your headphones with sonic tastiness.

Highlights of this album are the Billboard-charting opener “Pictures,” the raucous and clever “King of Beers,” the lyrically poignant “Gravity,” and a rocking cover of Ah Ha’s hit from the 80’s “Take On Me.



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