Hard Road CD

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Hard Road (2003) showcases a more mainstream rock approach to The New Relics’ rhythmic acoustic roots rock, trading the soaring violin and jazzy piano riffs of “Casting Stones” for a more prominent bluesy electric guitar.

Frontman Michael J. Arbogast’s smart lyrics and emotive voice are put to good use over a bed of rhythmic acoustic guitar, along with Josh Swiger’s thumping bass and Bryan Martin’s tasteful drumming. The addition of John Schooley on electric guitar marks a change in the direction of the band, leaning towards a more accessible sound of 90’s pop-rock icons like Matchbox 20, Train, and Howie Day.

Highlights of this album are fan-favorites “Evaporating” and “Hard Road,” as well as radio-friendly versions of the previously recorded “What He Sees In Her” and “Middle America.” “She Believes” was also played in heavy rotation on Sirius XM radio.



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