Monongalia CD

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Moving firmly into the contemporary Americana genre with their newest release, comparisons have been made between The New Relics and Pat Green, Keith Urban, Brad Paisley and John Mellencamp. The band consistently delivers a fresh, radio-friendly sound with great stories and hooks that will have fans singing along.

“Monongalia” is more than a collection of songs; it’s a collection of people and how their lives interact and intertwine together all within the mountains of Monongalia County, West Virginia. Each song represents a day in the life of someone from Monongalia and the thoughts and dreams that they hold onto each day.

The New Relics have spent many years touring and evolving their musical style, and “Monongalia” is just the next stop on their musical evolution. But no matter where their music takes them, they always come back home to the people they love. Because sometimes a jeep, a dog, a secret swimming hole, and your lover are all you need. That is Monongalia.



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